My Ocean Pools LLC

"A little ocean on my backyard"

Outdoor Living

We can make a space were your kids can bring and entertain friends having an amaizing evenig****

Outdoor Patios

The smells, the laughter and the conversations that comes out of your patio, will wake the curiosity of the neighbors and all because you will be able to count with the ideal space for entertaining in your new and renovated back patio. A garden that once was lacking enchantment now it’s totally magical and brings and retains friends that comes to share and to take memories of a day that will be archived in their best memories. To repeat it will be possible because you will count on a modern kitchen with colorful motives and equipped with the ultimate technology, a picturesque garden, floors of the best quality, the sounds of a water fall that invites reflection, your patio will be made your way. We have the précised team to make your dream patio a reality.


A good grill says a lot about your kitchen and If you add to it good quality cabinet that are resistant to long uses and all of the storage commodities, modern trash chutes, bars that connect your kitchen to your pool. If you so desire a place to refrigerate your food, rocks that redress your look or something more traditional with adequate illumination, with technology that saves energy. Installations for all of your electronics and outdoor entertainment systems, internet connection and everything that you can imagine, we can quickly build it. You just dream it and let us take care of the rest

Firepits and fireplaces

Winter has arrived, and you feel like your exterior space will not be able to give you the same pleasure while there are cold days? Or it is too hot, and the insects want to rob you of your tranquility to enjoy your new patio? My Ocean Pools has the solution! A good fire pit gives you quality and sophistication and will illuminate your reunions and warm up what good desire you share. Or what about a chimney that will be the center of attention and will offer a kind of personality that will Mark your extra space. You will have an attraction that will extend outside of your home that will be just as attractive as the home itself. The decoration and harmony of the floors, plants, wood, light and ceiling fan will be well deserving of a good toast. The rain will be an uninvited guess if you are celebrating an anniversary and you will not have to dream through a window; now the party is in your hands.


If you like to enjoy the touch of natural woods, now that the removed trees have open a space for new attractions in your patio, A pergola could be a great option. It doesn’t block your view, lets the natural air through and provides a shaded space, field with beauty which you could enrich with plants of your preference. This could now be your favorite place to read, relax, or simply enjoy attaching a hammock. My Ocean Pools can design the pergola of your dreams, with the roofing of your choosing, completely cover or with open spaces that will allow the light to come through. There is no limits for your creativity, we only count with your dreams.