My Ocean Pools LLC

"A little ocean on my backyard"

 FREEFORM SWIMMING POOLs due to their lagoon or natural shape are becoming extremelly  desireble and popular, as well as convenient for small backyard.

Freeform pools can be enhanced by using different textures, finishes and surprising accents like fire bowls, lounch chairs, spa, fountains, Accented with natral rocks and a beautiful landscaping, providing a more relaxed and natural look.

Our desining team its ready to create a computerized 3-D model of your designed, we will assist you as well in selecting additions desired additions as elevated living spaces, lighting, waterfalls and entry options.

My Ocean Pools is devoted to ensure that the construction of your new freeform pool is designed to your needs and dreams . Our pools are completed using the highest quality materials always keeping the budget within your limits.

My Ocean Pools is a Family-owned bussiness and we pride in our service. Our staff is compose of pool technicians, designers, builders and project managers which are all employees of My Ocean Pools.

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to build your new freefrom pool please Contact My Ocean Pools today.